Justin Skycak

Justin Skycak

Justin Skycak runs Eurisko together with Jason Roberts. He specializes in the mathy parts of computer science and has a varied quantitative background ranging from improving data transmission in particle detectors, to simulating and proving properties of biological neural networks, to building predictive models for businesses while working as a data scientist. Currently, Justin is developing the algorithms that form the brain of Math Academy's fully automated and personalized online learning system. If you'd like to know more about Justin, you can check out his personal site at

Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts has spent decades launching technology startups and building high-frequency trading systems. Not wanting to leave Pasadena for San Francisco, he infamously turned down the CTO position at Uber, but instead, opting to work as a consultant, designed and developed much of the company's original real-time technology, their global "air traffic control", and other foundational technologies. In addition to founding and working on Math Academy, Jason spends his time advising startups and Fortune 500 companies on their technology strategy and product roadmaps.


Colby Roberts '22

Colby Roberts

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